About the Committees

ISOSWO runs on dedicated volunteers and needs every member's knowledge, expertise, and time to keep providing the programs, events, and educational opportunities. Review the list of committees and find which one might be a great fit for you.

ISOSWO provides resources to assist committee members in working effectively and efficiently. Even if you can only help in small ways, you can make a big impact.


New Committee Chairs 

New Committee Chairs will be finalized at the Dec. 4 Board Meeting.

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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is charged with providing an annual audit of ISOSWO expenditures and funds and is appointed by the President. Results of the audit are presented at the Annual ISOSWO Board Meeting. 

Chair: Angela Ulmann
Members: Garrett Prestegard, Wade Hamm

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee works to recognize outstanding facilities, programs and individuals in the solid waste industry throughout the state. The committee develops and distributes the Awards Nomination Application, reviews submissions, and recognizes award winners at the Annual Fall Conference. Learn more.

Bylaws Committee

It is the responsibility of the Bylaws Committee to review ISOSWO’s Bylaws and propose changes or amendments, as needed. It is also the responsibility of the Bylaws Committee is to give guidance on questions of process when requested by the ISOSWO Board of Directors. 

Chair: Mike McKnight
Members: Brian Seals, Garrett Prestegard

Investment Committee

This committee is appointed by the President.

Chair: Lori Dicks
Members: Brian Seals, Karmine McShane

Leadership Advisory

This committee is appointed by the President.

Chair: Bill Rowland
Members: Brian Seals, Mary Wittry


The Legislative Committee works with legislators to develop laws that are realistic and achievable for the industry while upholding sound fiscal, social and environmental policy towards solid waste management. This group monitors legislative actions including development of laws, rules and study bills and acts as needed. Committee actions consist of developing legislative priorities to convey to policymakers and to maintain a dialog between the organization and policymakers. Desired talents are the ability to enjoy talking with others, knowledgable in the industry, willingness to see past the current situations and anticipate future needs and directions, and able to convey unified messaging to policymakers and the public. Learn more.

Member Services Committee

The function of the Member Services Committee is to recruit new members and retain current members for the Chapter. We accomplish this by making sure that we are bringing the most value possible back to our members. This committee is in charge of administering and making recommendations to the board for two-member sponsorships to national conferences: Wastecon and Swanapalooza. Over the course of the last year, the committee also brought membership the results of the Kitchen Sink Survey. The committee coordinated the RFP process for our new Website Content Coordinator (WCC) and fall and spring conference planning position. In the next year, we will work very closely with our new WCC and conference planners to make smooth transitions. Learn More.

Chairs: Lauren Norland
Members: Brian Seals, Christine Collier, Mary Wittry, Kathy Morris, Angie Ullman

Nominating Committee

The main purpose of this committee is to solicit interest from members who would like to serve on the board. The committee starts the process in June and puts together a board recommendation in August. New officers are announced at the October annual board meeting.

Chair: Bill Rowland
Members: Lori Dicks, Mary Wittry, Brian Seals

Programs & Arrangements Committee

The Programs and Awards Committee is focused on creating educational opportunities for members and those interested in solid waste management issues and continuing the advancement of the industry. This committee is comprised of several subcommittees from education, sponsorship, exhibition hall to social and special events for both the ISOSWO Spring and Fall Conferences. Within the subcommittees, there are plenty of areas to provide your talent to support this major fundraising event.  Assistance is always needed and well appreciated as we put on a premier show every year. 

Fall Conference Chair: Garrett Prestegard
Members: Jennifer Jordan, Jeff Phillips, Angie Ullman, John Foster, Joe Horaney

Spring Conference Chair: Mary Wittry
Members: Kate Bartelt, Michael McKnight, Scott Smith, Wade Hamm

Safety Committee

This committee is a resource for all of our members to seek out safety and training information. Learn More.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is charged with administering the SWANA Scholarship Programs on a local chapter level. Learn More.

Technical Advisory Committee

This committee is a voluntary collection of ISOSWO members who share an interest in solid waste/material management and collaborate to provide input/feedback on proposed guidance, policies, regulations and/or laws that govern/guide the industry. Learn More.  

Young Professional Committee (YP)

The YP Committee provides opportunities for young professionals to connect with their peers in the solid waste and recycling industries. Events have included mentoring/networking with experienced professionals and a welcome luncheon for young professionals, those new to the industry, and students. Committee members would provide valuable input on the type of events and could assist in planning.

Chair: Lauren Norland
Members: Austin Broshar, Mike Sullivan, Mike McKnight