Logging Into the Site

Sep. 23, 2020

What You'll Need

Username: Your username is the email you used to create your SWANA membership. It may be your personal email or it could be your business one. Your username CANNOT be changed through Your membership username is determined by the SWANA profile set up when you joined or renewed.

Can't remember your username? Visit the SWANA login.

Password: Your password was created by SWANA when you joined and is the first letter of your first name in all caps followed by your membership number.

For example: Name is Jane Doe and membership number is 123ABC45. Your password would be J123ABC45.

Reset Your Password: With the new site, you can now reset your password to something more memorable by the login page and follow the instructions for "Forgot Your Password." This will require you to remember the email used to create your SWANA profile.

Membership Updates Aren't Immediate

Membership updates are still manually synced from SWANA to the Iowa Chapter website. When people join, they will not be able to login and receive the discount immediately. If someone you know plans to do this, please have them email [email protected] to expedite the process.

The last sync was completed today and typically occurs before emails are sent. As registration picks up, this will be scheduled more frequently.

Questions or Problems?

Please email [email protected], if you need further assistance.