Safety Alert: Coronavirus

Mar. 10, 2020

As you are aware, many workplaces and communities are preparing for, or already dealing with, impacts related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Though knowledge about this disease is evolving, the attached guidance document has been prepared for use by employers and employees in the solid waste industry based on current recommendations. At this time, no special precautions for municipal solid waste workers are prescribed by OSHA. Workers should continue to use those precautions already in place to protect them from hazards they encounter during their routine job tasks. Now is a great time to review those precautions and remind workers about the importance of following them.

As more is learned about the coronavirus, these recommendations may change. In addition to checking with SWANA, please coordinate with your state, provincial/territorial, and local health and occupational safety agencies. For more updated information about the virus, please visit the CDC, OSHA, CPHA, or WHO websites. 

SWANA has provided a guidance document on the coronavirus.