Emergency Disposal: Hog Carcass Management

May. 6, 2020

Webinar from Iowa Pork Producers

Sponsored by the Iowa Pork Producers Association, this webinar focuses on options for emergency disposal of animal tissue. Below are the segments of the webinar and additional resources.

Opening Comments

Compost: Biological Decomposition: Mark Hutchinson: University of Maine Cooperative Extension
(Segment runs from 5:40 to 23:50)

Above Ground Burial: Gary Flory, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
(Segment runs from 23:55 to 57:34)

Whole Carcass versus Ground: Mark Hutchinson
(Segment runs from 57:40 to 1:17:02)

Site Selection: Craig Williams, Penn St Extension
(Segment runs from 1:17:01 to 1:35:27)

Carbon Feedstocks: Mark Hutchinson
(Segment runs from 1:35:31 to 1:50:35)

Composting Calculations: Mark Hutchinson
(Segment runs from 1:42:52 to 1:50:35)

Windrow Construction: Mark Hutchinson
(Segment runs from 1:50:49 to 2:10:01)

Windrow Management: Mark Hutchinson
(Segment runs from 2:10:07 to 2:10:11)

Additional Resources

Additional toolbox for practices to manage carcasses

State Burial Atlas (showing adequate soil types for burial practices)
Note: Link may not work well with older search engines