Evora Consulting Offers Landfill Operator Training Webinars

Jul. 9, 2020

Evora Consulting (previously known as Barker Lemar Engineering) is excited to announce 11 live webinar training sessions (each 2-hours long) and two 10-hour classroom events to help landfill operators obtain their required CEUs by the September 30, 2020 deadline. 

Live Webinar Training Sessions

The live webinar training sessions are for landfill operators, program and facility managers, and those wanting to learn more about solid waste operations. The live sessions are 2-hours long and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has approved 2 CEUs for each session for Landfill Operator training requirements.

Each live session will cover different topics allowing attendees to select which sessions they are most interested in attending. So, whether you or your staff need to obtain 10 CEUs to meet landfill operator recertification training requirements, or just a few, Evora has got you covered!


For those needing CEUs, the cost is $50/person/session. Evora Consulting will track session attendance and submit CEU notifications as required by the DNR.

Don’t need CEUs but are just interested in learning more about the topic?

Registration is free! Just be sure to make the appropriate selection when you register.

Session Schedule

All live sessions will start at 9:00 AM CST and conclude by 11:15 AM CST. 

Tuesday, July 21: Planning for Landfill Fires
Thursday, July 23: Managing Disaster Debris and Animal Mass Mortalities
Tuesday, August 4: Improving Landfill Operations
Tuesday, August 6: Heavy Equipment Best Management Practices and Safety
Tuesday, August 18: Landfill Oddities, and Public Engagement and Communication Landfill
Thursday, August 20: Landfill, Transfer Station and Field Safety
Tuesday, September 1: Optimizing Airspace Utilization
Thursday, September 3: Leachate and Landfill Gas Production and System Management
Tuesday, September 15: Waste Screening and Special/Hazardous Waste Management
Tuesday, September 17: Strategies for Decreasing Closure Costs and Working to End Post Closure
Tuesday, September 29: Heavy Equipment Best Management Practices and Safety

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