Letter from the President | Fall Conference

Jul. 31, 2020

We face new and ongoing difficulties brought on by the continual threat of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) daily. Many ISOSWO members continue to struggle with staffing and operational challenges like we have never considered possible. Personal comfort levels, organizational requirements, local, state and federal recommendations are continuously being changed and updated. The common goal is to reduce the probability of spreading COVID-19. The effects on business and personal decisions have been overwhelming.

With that said, I regret to announce that the decision by both the ISOSWO and IRA Boards is to cancel the 2020 Iowa Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference scheduled for October in Cedar Rapids. The conference committee, Shannon Meister, our event planner, and the two Board Presidents of ISOSWA and IRA met and negotiated with the facility to reschedule the event to next year in hopes that this crisis has remedied. We are planning to continue with the conference next year at the same location, the Hilton Doubletree, also known as the Cedar Rapids Convention Center.

We appreciate the understanding shown by the facility, our conference planning committee, and conference participants as we move forward.


William Rowland

Bill Rowland